Thursday, May 31, 2012

give 'em hell

my new jam... 'the fighter' by gym class heroes.  i never care much for this bunch, i mean, their first song that i remember from them was 'clothes off'.  not exactly my cup of tea.  but when i heard this song for the first time in E!, they were premiering the video.  the lyrics just made me stand 10 feet tall.  especially the hook by ryan tedder... the man cannot sing jack shit live (have you seen him live lately... terrible) but he sure can write lyrics :p

the whole song is like a wake up call, to just live on.  it's a perfect song to jog to.  a perfect goodbye song for patrick :p and also the perfect song to catch on my dream.  i mean, not saying what i got right now is not enough, it is more than enough.  but it was only part one of the dream, i still have that yellow brick road that i laid out so carefully.  i still have to achieve that goal.  that one is kinda selfish, it was for me and myself only.  but i hope, truly hope, you would be there for me nonetheless.  and i hope we can reach the goal together :)

in the meantime, imma sing 'the fighter' and fight on!!!

*half the population just waiting to see me fail, yeah right you're better off trying to freeze hell...until the referee rings the bell, until both of your eyes start to swell, until the crowd goes home what we're gonna do y'all??? give 'em hell!!!*

Friday, May 18, 2012


would it annoy you
if i told you that i miss you constantly
would it scare you
if i told you that i need you here with me

would i took the fun out of it
if i told you you're always on my mind
would i stop being interesting
if i told you you're the only one that i want

would i stop being special
if i told you i'll be faithful
would my words become meaningless
if i dedicate them to you

would i become dull
if i told you that i love you
would it freak you out
if i told you that i want you for life

Saturday, May 12, 2012


i should come with a warning
'approach with caution'
i know i said i'm an open book
that doesn't make me simple though

i am damaged
held by tapes and thread
still trying to stand
on the outside it looked fine
once you get to the inside, you know how damaged i am

i hope you can stay
handle my antics
be my one and only

and i really really really care, and i really really really want you, and i think i'm kinda scared, 'cause i don't want to loose you, if you're really really really there, then maybe you could hang through, i hope you'd understand, it's nothing to you
tlc 'damaged' 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


i opened up and let you in
into this twisted world that i live
that was just a preview for what's to come
for i am layers of complications

can we get pass this, i hope so
i let myself vulnerable yet one more time
i am a girl when i'm with you
i'm defenseless when it comes to you

so here we are, in my twisted world
i know you're confused
i know you're adjusting
but i hope you're not upset

so right now
i'm letting you be
i'm giving you space
my world takes a while to adjust to
but i hope you stay
i hope you'll cope
i hope you're it

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a tale of the oz

come here
sit by me
let me tell you of an ongoing fairy tale
on how a wicked witch became a princess

come, sit by me
let me tell you about how she started
alone in the land of oz
you ask why she became wicked?
ow it's just another age-old tale
she was searching for perfection
yet perfection never came

then the witch met a god
who promised her a spot on mount olympus
who promised her she'd become a goddess
but aphrodite told her the truth
she was just a mere mortal
she can dress pretty, and feel like a goddess
but she will never become one

cast off from olympus
she was back in the land of oz
she promised herself never to ask for more
for the land of oz was a perfect place for her
she embraced the solitude
for it was the perfect scene for her
she started to accept
that was her perfection

don't think she never invited to other worlds
she had been invited, many times
but the scene in olympus scarred her
she decided
she preferred the land of oz
the solitude was comforting

then lo and behold
a raggedly handsome traveler dropped by
he said he was from a faraway land
he said he was weary and needed a rest
the witch was reluctant
but she was not all wicked
she let him come, and rested

then she saw that he was wounded
she ignored the wound at first
she didn't want to deal with it
she was wounded herself
but then again, she was not all wicked
she could not ignore it
unbeknownst to him, she tended his wound
she did it from afar
afraid of the human touch
afraid of the emotional attachment

when days became weeks and weeks became months
the traveler still stayed in the land of oz
the witch became anxious and battling herself
she wanted him to leave for she preferred her solitude
yet every time she tried to banish him
she found that the words would not come out
each time when she wanted him to leave
she always found a reason for him to stay

this is where the plot thickens
this is where the twist happens
little did the witch know
when she tended his wounds
she lost her wickedness
little by little

then one day
the traveler came up to her
and told her that he was a prince from faraway land
he was there to end her curse
stripped off her wickedness
and made her his princess
he dressed her up in love
and took her to his castle
where they build their own little world

this is the part when i supposed to say
then they live happily ever after
but like i said
this is an ongoing fairy tale
the story still go beyond this little tale
the story did not end here
still much more to come
the story might not be all happy
but the story will be about a princess and a prince

for now
this is the end of the tale
how a wicked witch became a princess
swept away to the castle by a prince
and live in their own little world