Thursday, April 22, 2010

the madonna glee...

omigod it's so great!!
i got goosebumps seeing 'like a prayer'
the best!

and i still don't get rachel, how can she did not see finn and that he's trying... ow well aren't i a little too old for this though :D

and my favorite line from brittany "mr shue, is he your son?"

well, glee's part of my entertainment these days, something that connects me with ninta too :)

so, my hat's off to the glee creators for making a great show that probably will define this generation.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my stand

my tears...
they're not for you
no sir they aren't
they're too precious to be yours

this heart
it's not meant for you
stone cold marble it is
but it's too precious for your keeping

these words
they're aren't yours
hell no
my words are too precious to describe you

this life
is not for sharing
not for you at least

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the morning after

i woke up dizzy
might be the drink
might be the meal
might be you...

your touch made me dizzy
you made me forget
a temporary cure
i knew that for sometime now

you came and go as you please
yet i'm still here
not really looking for you
but it's nice when you come along

you left me dizzy
you left me confused
it's the morning after
one thing left to ponder

if i take that leap of faith
are you worth the jump?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a note from underneath

first off i'd like to start this entry with an apology. especially to my future self. because i couldn't commit into this project like i planned to.

i mean, i've got stuff flowing on my head, and wrote down some. even if i didn't have time to sit alone with alice to pour down my thoughts, i wrote it in my trustee notebook these days. but the thing was, i was REALLY lagging behind in terms of expressing myself.

i am disappointed on my lack of enthusiasm, even to write these days. i mean, i should've find time, in any given time of day, to write. just to sit down and write. but it seems to me i've been pondering a lot. but not doing a lot. it kills me that i'd chose sleep over typing down my thoughts that would evaporates as soon as i closed my eyes.

but then again, i'm only a girl who needs her rest. i wanted to be stronger, i imagined myself to be stronger, so i have tons of energy to do all the things i've always wanted to accomplish. but alas... i'm not that strong. i'm working on it though, but i can't promise you much.

but i hope, i wish, i could still continue on the project (though it's lagging behind more than a month now!!!) i'm looking for a day or a time when i can just sit down and fill each day with my already written out thoughts. i mean, i do write (in a sense) everyday. i wrote the draft and outline of the entry. but just never got around to make it a story. i have to now though.

and i'd like to apologized for those who read my thoughts, i'm sorry i'm not that consistent, with that i also want to express my sincere gratitude for you who took your time and read my words. i hope my words can fill your days, give you new perspectives, and make you (somewhat) a changed a good way :)

so with this note, i vow (again) to be a better writer... after all it is my dream job... ever since i could remember i always want to be (some sort of) a writer... whether it is a poet, a journalist, or a scriptwriter. i just want to write, and i want to affect.

and i don't need to be seen... i just want to be heard :)