Friday, December 31, 2010

thank you twenty ten...

resolution is such cliche isn't it? i mean i made resolution last year, i don't think i fulfill any of it :p
well i did travel though... :) and it was a fine week...

twenty ten is a roller coaster for me. nevertheless it's the year i know who are my friends and who are my posse (say whaaaaa) :p posse come and go, friends, they stick with you. even when you tell them to butt off. even when you lock the doors, friends still rapped on your window, leave notes under the door, scream through the gates, to let you know that they're there. and friends wait, until you're ready. and when you're ready, friends are there. no hard feelings, no harm done, life goes on.
twenty ten is the year when i fall and rise back up like phoenix. i learned that i am stronger than i thought i am. this year was the year my principle was tested, can i really turn the other cheek. and i did :)
twenty ten is the year of hades *smirk* apollo eclipse, and return, just to say goodbye.
twenty ten is the year i rediscover myself (yet again), make peace with it, and live with it
twenty ten is the year of hope, downfall, and rise up with higher limit

thank you twenty ten, for all the lessons you given me, for every person i met this year, for every acquaintances along the way, thanks.

for twenty eleven, resolutions sounds like a burden... just a silent promise then:

- i promise i will not rush into things, whatever it is...
- i will enjoy every kiss, and try not to let it go further than just kiss
- i will not procrastinate, i will not procrastinate, i will not procrastinate.... (this one is a 'yeah right')
- let's get out of the debt
- i will enjoy every moment
- i will treasure my friends
- i will be a good sister
- i will be a good daughter
- i will be the best aunt :)
- i will be a better cousin, niece, grand daughter, and all that jazz
- and i will be stronger, wiser, and nicer

have a great twenty eleven!!!! let's rock it again....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


criticism is the hardest thing to take, that's why i rarely publish my stuff, because i'm afraid of criticism. but at the end of the day, i take criticism as a fuel. the more critics i got, made me hungry to prove them better. that i'm capable of more.

but some people take criticism as a put down. they view the critics as a person who has beef with them. lemme tell you something, if you still got this 'unwanted inputs' that means people are still care about you. if they no longer voicing their thoughts to you, wanted or unwanted, means they are giving up on you. it means, you are no longer matter in their lives, it means they have neglected you completely.

so even though it's the hardest and most bitter pill to swallow, believe me when i say this, it's better to get criticize, than getting nothing at all, and you will fall without a warning. how you choose to take the criticism, that's your call. you can take it in, and fix what you think it's right from it, or.... you could just reject it bluntly and do your business as usual... but rest assured, criticisms are not to get you down, but they exist to make you better, and it comes from a place of love.... not hate

you can quote me on that

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

thank you

a little while back i thought it's important for people to know my birthday, so i feel a bit important :) feel loved....

but a posting from a certain someone *cough* lucy *cough* made me realize otherwise.

i don't think my bday is a big deal anymore. it's just another day, it's just so happens to be the day i arrived into this world.

today i am given the opportunity just to really thank everyone. thank you, so much. you don't know how much it means to me, all those blessings and wishes.

thank you...

for i am blessed