Saturday, April 6, 2019

That one

I've been looking for him for twenty years, now I've found him.  And surprisingly, he didn't remember me (it's a sarcasm, you should hear me saying it).

No, it's not whoever you think he is, it is a boy I never really talked about before.  I just wanted to keep that memory private.  For some reason that memory bugs me, and I dreamed about him on the same night, every year, for like 2-4 years straight.  Always january 12th, i know because i cryptically wrote it on my tweets.  He's like this memory that sprung out only on certain times.  But it always keeps me wondering.

He was nice to me in high school.  I don't really interact with a bunch of people.  Not really Ms. Popular back then, or even Ms. Friendly.  I was Ms. Nerd-Around-the-Corner or the typical geeky asian kid that doesn't have a sense of style because my mom bought all my clothes.  I had one class with him, Mr. Glover's History Class.  That class really meant something to me, it's the class where I fell in love and have my heart broken at the same time (not with him though).  But at one particular day, we interact, and we talked for a while.  I don't remember whether it's for the week or the month, we would walk out of the class and talked.

Now, remember, I was a geeky asian kid with oversize clothing and cargo pants.  He was this artsy cool hipster (well the term was not invented back then).  So it kind of left a mark on me I guess.

We never really interact much after that, or after the class ended.  And I kind of forgot about him for a while, but then I started to dreamed about him, every January 12th.  So I was just curious, how the cool hipster turned out after all this time.  How is he, how he's doing, what is he up to.  Just plain curious.

Tonight I found him, and it's been nice.  I could read his old self through our interaction, I know I must freak him out or something.  I was just curious about him, so now I found him.  So that's it.  I know it's kind of an anticlimax, but that's all I wanted, just to see what he's up to.  And glad he's doing well.